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Greenville Tick Control

Ticks are tiny eight-legged insects that latch on to humans, dogs, cats and other mammals to have a blood meal. Blood meals are required for ticks to grow into their next life phase and for females to lay eggs. Ticks often go unnoticed as they can be as small as a poppy seed. There are many types of ticks in South Carolina, black-legged ticks (deer ticks), lone star ticks, American dog ticks & brown ticks. Ticks are more than a nuisance, they carry dangerous diseases such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Ehrlichiosis & Babesiosis.

With ticks being as small as they are, taking tick control measures in your yard are the best defense against tick bites & tick-borne diseases. At Mosquito Squad of Greenville, we approach tick control from two angles. First we eliminate adult ticks with our traditional barrier spray, next we place tick tubes twice a year to eliminate the nymph tick population when nesting with rodents. Combined, our Intensive Tick Treatment program can result in the elimination of over 90% of the ticks on your property.

Tick Barrier Spray

If you’re familiar with our mosquito control program, you may know about our traditional barrier spray. Did you know our most popular mosquito control product also eliminates adult ticks on contact? When our team sprays your property for ticks & mosquitoes they will pay special attention to areas where ticks are known to hide, including the base of your rock walls, fence lines, tall grasses and in the heavy brush of your wood line. The traditional tick barrier spray eliminates 85-90% of ticks on contact and continues to work for up to 3 weeks.

Tick Tubes

Tick tubes are cardboard tubes filled with treated cotton. We place these tubes around your property in locations that will encourage the mice in the area to take the cotton as a nesting material. When nymph ticks attach themselves to the mice, they, in turn, are eliminated upon the mouse entering its den built with the treated cotton. Tick tubes not only eliminate nymph ticks before they have a chance to emerge as Lyme infected adult ticks, but they also eliminate many future generations of ticks as they effectively interrupt the tick life cycle.

We recommend signing up for the Intensive Tick Treatment program for the greatest elimination of ticks, to safeguard your family and pets from the potential effects of tick-borne illnesses. Call today at 864-277-4299,

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