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Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems Can Change Your Life!

We have a very long mosquito season here in Greenville. While there still is certainly an “off-season,” you just never know how early and how long the summer mosquito season will last. We’ve seen mosquitoes come out for a short time during a warm December week, a warm February week and March can be the beginning of a summer of swatting. Depending on your property, you may have a real need to keep those mosquitoes at bay, consistently, and always. That is why we offer the automatic mosquito misting system. It is a perfect solution for those with allergies, near still bodies of water, recreation areas, horse stables, and farms.

Greenville Mosquito Misting Systems

So what exactly is a mosquito misting system?

It is a system of nozzles, and tubes connected to an electronic controller and drum of mosquito control solution. The durable nylon tubing is buried in your landscape and the copper spray nozzles are discretely placed in all the right places to control mosquitoes on your property. We’ll work with your for placement, considering exactly how you use your property for maximum benefits.

The controller is then set to spray a fine mist of mosquito control solution for 30-60 seconds two to three times per day. We recommend a dawn spray and a dusk spray to maximize mosquito elimination when they are most active.

The mosquito mist will drift around the property, settling on nearby grass and other vegetation, and eliminate any mosquito that comes in contact with it.

Bonus! Mosquito Misting systems will help control other annoying insects too! Whether it is flies, gnats, spiders, noseeums, or otherwise, you’ll enjoy a reduction in all of these unwanted pests.

Mosquito Misting Systems are Convenient

With your mosquito misting system set to automatically spray, you’ll enjoy constant mosquito control without having to think twice about it. However, if you do think about it, and you need additional mosquito control for an event or occasion, you have the option to manually trigger a spray. This can be done with your controller or through a smartphone app. Just think about it, a night out with friends is too fun to end, so everyone is going to head back to your home to have drinks around the fire pit or hang out on the deck. You can use your phone to trigger an extra mosquito solution spray before you even leave the restaurant — eliminating annoying mosquitoes and fully drying before you arrive home.

If you’re ready for constant, consistent mosquito control any time of year, give Mosquito Squad of Greenville a call today and ask about our custom designed and installed Mosquito Misting Systems. 864-277-4299

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