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West Nile Virus Is On The Rise in South Carolina

It’s hot and boy has it been wet around Greenville lately. It’s the perfect storm for mosquito populations to grow exponentially. Of course, we know that where there is a chance for excessive mosquito populations the chance of elevated cases of disease is possible too. West Nile is a virus that we know is present in South Carolina. And last year, we really began to see the number of West Nile cases in the mosquito population grow. View the South Carolina mosquito-borne disease by year page to understand the trends. Notice the difference in West Nile from 2016 to 2017. Just in Greenville County we went from ZERO positive mosquito pools to 14!!

Late June and early July the first instances will show up in Mosquitoes and by the end of July, the first human cases will occur.

The West Nile Virus

Mosquitoes contract West Nile from infected birds and then most people get it from a mosquito bite. It is possible to transfer West Nile from human to human through blood transfusions, organ donations, breastfeeding, and pregnancy. 80% of people will never even know that they have West Nile, but 1 in about 5 will become symptomatic. These symptoms include rash, body aches, joint pain, vomiting, headache, and diarrhea. Less than 1% will develop serious complications such as encephalitis or meningitis and 10% of those people will die. There is no vaccine, specific treatment, or cure for West Nile Virus, only the symptoms can be treated.

Report and Protect

The only way to be sure you are avoiding West Nile is to avoid the mosquito bites, however, you can help the State track it’s movement and its saturation. You can do this by reporting dead birds to the Department of Health. If you come across freshly dead crows, Blue jays, House Finches, and House Sparrows between the months of March and November and can deliver them to DHEC. This helps in knowing where West Nile is present. By recognizing the virus’ presence, local government is able to make the best decisions when it comes to mosquito control for the area.

Now is the most important time of year to protect yourself from mosquitoes. When you are out in spaces that you can’t control be sure to wear FDA approved insect repellent. We suggest the ones that contain DEET as it is proven to work the best. Mosquitoes like to be out at dusk and dawn so if you can be indoors during the hours of higher activity that makes it easier to avoid bites as well. If you are in truly deeply infested areas you may want to consider covering as much of your body with clothing or even netting that you can. But what about at home? This is where you want to be able to relax and enjoy without all the sprays and excess clothing, leaving the worry at the end of the driveway. Mosquito Squad of Greenville understands the dangers of West Nile Virus and wants to help in your protection plan. Professional mosquito spray takes the work and mess out of protection. We live in an area where mosquitoes can stay with us right up to the holiday season and there is simply not enough time to be worried about sickness too. Let us help with that. Call Mosquito Squad of Greenville today! 864-277-4299

Getting Mosquitoes Out of your Greenville House

Did you ever awake to find three or four mosquito bites up one arm or down one leg? Then there’s the immediate thought, “boy something really chewed on me last night!” The only thing worse than getting bitten by mosquitoes outdoors has got to be STILL getting bitten after you come inside.

How Do Mosquitoes End Up Indoors?

We know that mosquitoes love water and if you’ve got any standing water at home it’s possibly in a flower pot or watering tin right by your door. Now your kids are coming in and out and in and out as they do in summer and the mosquitoes are slipping in. Also if your window screens don’t fit so tightly or have a tiny hole here and there, mosquitoes are tiny and could slide right through on one of those cooler mornings when you decide to let a little fresh air in.

Now that one or two have made their way inside there’s still a chance of finding water inside to lay eggs too. Remember it doesn’t take much, so a sink that doesn’t drain or a water bottle left open and half full by the sink could become a litter of new mosquitoes very quickly.

How to Eliminate Mosquitoes Inside the House

Now that mosquitoes are in, how do you get them out? Camphor is a quick and simple remedy. A small bowl of water with a 10-gram tablet of camphor in it will make the mosquitoes fly away. If the room is large, crush it a little before putting it in water. Repeat every couple of days to get them out of your house. Of course, at the same time, you’re eliminating the little suckers you need to make sure you’re keeping more from getting in. Check your screens, dump water INSIDE AND OUT. You might add some weather stripping to your doors as well. Remember it barely takes a crack for them to make their way indoors.

The best way to keep the mosquitoes from getting inside is simply not to have them outside. that’s where we come in. Mosquito Squad of Greenville will eliminate 90% of existing mosquitoes in your yard and continue to work for 3 weeks. Planning for a summer without mosquito bites inside and out is a phone call away! 864-277-4299

Greenville Ticks Are Making the Local News: Here is How to Stay Protected

School is almost out and the weather is heating up fast. That means there’s lots more outdoor time in your family’s future. It also means warnings about ticks and the diseases they can carry are ramping up. However, don’t let these scare you. Information is a great tool for safety.

This article placed online by Fox Carolina News gives you an in-depth look into tick types, diseases, habitats and more. The more you know about your surroundings the better you can prepare yourself when you venture outside. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning any outdoor adventure:

When headed out:

  • Tuck pants into boots or socks
  • Wear light-colored clothing so that ticks are noticeable
  • Use FDA registered repellant on your skin and clothing
  • Avoid areas of tall grass

When returning home

  • Remove clothing immediately and place in a hot dryer for 30 mins.
  • Wash clothes next
  • Shower and do a full body check for ticks

How to check for ticks

  • Start from the ground and work your way up
  • Check between toes and at beginning of leg hair then work up
  • Check all crevices and warm moist places, including groin area and belly button.
  • Continue on to breast and armpit
  • Check behind ears, hairline, and in hair
  • Those with thick or long hair may want to get help checking thoroughly

If you do find a tick remember the rules of safe removal and be sure to save the tick in a baggy with the date and location when it latched on. If you become sick, this could speed up diagnosis. Simple everyday habits can play a big part in protecting you and your family from tick bites.

At Mosquito Squad of Greenville we know we can’t be with you when you are out enjoying nature, that’s why we try to provide as much information as we can. However, we can be a hands-on part of your tick control at home. Our barrier spray will eliminate 85-90% of the adult ticks in your yard on contact and our tick tube systems are vital for year-round, long-term tick control. Call us today, we’d love to tell you more about what we can do for you. 864-277-4299

Greenville Ranks High on the List Again, But this Time it’s Not Such a Good Thing

We’ve become accustomed to finding our wonderful and growing city on “Best of” lists over the last few years and we believe it’s well deserved. Well here we are on another list and again we believe it’s well deserved, but this time it’s not really somewhere we want to be. A list posted on CenTexProud.com has Greenville as number 31 on a list of the top 50 cities in the country for Mosquitoes. How many thousands of cities are even in the United States??? And we are 31?!?!

And It’s Already HOT!

The higher the temperature the more the mosquitoes come out and we hit the 90-degree mark 3 days in a row last week. So just because it’s only May that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about how you are planning to fight mosquitoes this year. The fight is on. Do you have a plan?

Citronella and lavender plants by the patio? 31st in the nation… do you think that will do it? Definitely not!

Not to downplay the things that should be done in your yard. Cleaning up any standing water and not allowing it to collect again is very important, clearing up wet leaf piles or damp wood piles as well. We suggest you follow our 5Ts of Mosquito Control if you aren’t sure about what you should do in your own yard to keep the mosquitoes away. However, please don’t think that your own efforts to clean up will be enough because even though YOU are keeping all the water and debris cleaned up at home, that doesn’t mean your neighbors are. Mosquitoes travel, so you can do all the water tipping you want and if the older lady down the street doesn’t or can’t get out to do it herself her mosquitoes are going to spill over into your yard.

Call the Professionals

Mosquito, tick, and flea-borne illnesses are up by 300% over the last 13 years according to a new report from the CDC. CNBC quotes Dr.Lyle Peterson of the CDC, “Increased global travel and trade, environmental changes and a lack of prevention efforts have all contributed to the problem.” Obviously, with our own mosquito numbers, we are right in the middle of this growth. It’s something that we have to take very seriously as individuals and as a community.

Professional mosquito treatment is going to be essential if you are hoping to enjoy your outdoor spaces this year. Actually considering the higher threat of disease it’s really essential if you plan on spending time outside at all and Mosquito Squad of Greenville is your “Best of” for that. Our barrier spray will eliminate 85-90% of mosquitoes in your yard and continue to work for up to three weeks, until the next scheduled spray. We encourage you to do all you can when it comes to mosquito control and call us so that we can help do all we can. Call us today. 864-277-4299

** and finally… grab a neighbor and go help the older lady down the street. This is a community problem and it deserves community solutions.

If There Was a Drug That Humans Could Take That Would Kill Mosquitoes While in the Bloodstream, Would You Take It?

If you could take a drug that would kill mosquitoes who bite you, would you take it? Provocative question isn’t it?

There is research out there that could be heading us in that direction. According to NPR, a study was recently published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal about a drug named ivermectin that could possibly do just this. Ivermectin was a drug developed to fight other diseases caused by parasites in the early 1980s. Studies conducted between the years of 2000 and 2010 have shown that malaria-carrying mosquitoes died after ingesting the blood of those that had taken the drug.

Malaria Eradication Levels Off

Dr. Menno Smit of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine led the study using ivermectin against malaria-causing mosquitoes. More than 200 million people are affected around the globe annually by malaria and in the past few years this number seems to have become stable. More and more mosquitoes that carry the parasite that causes malaria are becoming resistant to the insecticides meant to destroy it. According to Smit, progress has stalled in eradicating the disease and they are hopeful that this is just one way to change that.

The Study

In the research, test patients were given 600 milligrams of the drug, 3 days in a row. Their blood was then taken and placed in an artificial membrane for the mosquitoes to feed on. Within 2 weeks, 97% of the mosquitoes were dead. The results were the same a month after the subjects took the ivermectin, which is longer than researchers expected according to Smits.

Another positive result of the research was the low level of negative side effects the drug appears to have on humans. However, those tested were already sick with malaria so there is the possibility that side effects may not be as readily noticed. Still, overall the results so far appear to be positive. Doctors not involved with the study weighed in with NPR as well. Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of Tropical Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine, suggested that more tests were needed but that the drug itself has proven safe over the years and that while what is really needed is a vaccine for malaria, this does have the potential to be a useful secondary treatment.

Dr. Regina Rabinovich, malaria scholar at Harvard University, suggests that many different approaches to fighting malaria is necessary but finds merit in this one. She encourages more trials in areas where malaria is most rampant.

At Mosquito Squad of Greenville, we find hope in these studies. Continued research has to lead to ways of ridding the globe of this horrible disease. And while malaria is much less common in the United States we still believe it is best to control mosquitoes with the best of our efforts. Our job is to help you protect your family from any and all mosquito-borne illnesses present around us. Our barrier treatment does just that by eliminating 85-90% of the mosquitoes present and continuing to work for 2-3 weeks. Call us to schedule a summertime of mosquito-free living. 864-277-4299

Time To Get Outside Greenville!

Did you hit the end of the season sales for new patio furniture last year? Have you built a new deck or fire pit recently? Maybe you’ve installed some new outdoor lighting to extend your evenings outdoors once the sun goes down. It seems that more and more these days people are investing in their outdoor living spaces. And when you can have as many warm days a year as we do here in the Upstate, why wouldn’t you? With Spring barely a week away you are probably itching to get out and enjoy these things. But if you’re going to invest money in perfecting your outdoor living space why would you not invest money in keeping the mosquitoes away so that you can enjoy it.

When we say itching we do NOT want it to be from mosquito bites.

You probably put those extra lights in so that you could be the go-to house on Friday night, not to mention you want to show off your grilling skills. But if your friends spend all night swatting mosquitoes then they are going to remember that instead of your award winning BBQ sauce.

Here’s another scenario: A kids birthday, maybe a pool party if you’re lucky enough to have a pool.The kids beg you to let them invite those 10 extra friends. Well why not, the more the merrier and besides… they will be outside. But when dusk hits and the mosquitoes come out you may end up with a house full of wet kids… plus 10.

Newly built fire pit? The only way the smoke is going to keep the mosquitoes away is if it’s enough smoke to run you off too.

Don’t Wait… Treat Today!

Now that you’ve got a good mental picture of the above disasters I bet you are thinking “No way, this can’t be us”.

At Mosquito Squad of Greenville, we agree and we have the solution. All it requires from you is a phone call. Mosquito Squad of Greenville wants to schedule your first mosquito control treatment today. Starting early, before those flying pests really come out in force, is the best way to keep your yard practically free of mosquitoes. Our barrier spray kills 85-90% of mosquitoes on contact and continues to work for 2-3 weeks. You can schedule the entire season and not think about it again. That leaves much more time for menu planning, flower planting, grocery shopping, and all the other preparations for a summer full of fun in your outdoor living space. We are waiting to hear from you. (864) 277-4299

Greenville Mosquito Control is Coming to the Southern Home & Garden Show

March 4-6 at the TD Convention Center

Mosquito Squad of Greenville will be present at this year’s Southern Home & Garden Show. While you’re lining up your landscaping, outdoor living and home renovation projects don’t forget about the mosquito control. If you’re building a new deck or patio or refreshing your home’s landscape, enjoying the results will be less pleasant with annoying mosquitoes buzzing and biting about. Come see us at booth 390 to find out how we can eliminate up to 90% of the mosquitoes and ticks in your yard. Don’t forget, mosquitoes are more than just annoyances, they spread diseases such as Zika virus, Malaria, Lyme Disease and more.

TD Convention Center, Greenville
Friday, March 4, 10:00am-7:00pm
Saturday, March 5, 10:00am-7:00pm
Sunday, March 6, 12:00pm-5:00pm

If you won’t be at the Southern Home & Garden Show but are interested in a mosquito & tick free summer, call today. 864-277-4299

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